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BLM Smokejumper Kit Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
Incl. BTW: €907,50
Brandblusapparaat water rugzak Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
Cordura backpack equipped with flexible inner tank with interchangeable canvas....
Incl. BTW: €187,55
Council tool fire rake Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
This Fire Rake is designed with four specially sharpened teeth allowing for ease of...
Incl. BTW: €78,65
Council tool pulaski axes Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
Combination grub hoe/axe manufactured according to the USFS...
Incl. BTW: €98,01
Dragon Swatter Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
This is a 7 foot long beating device for tough-turfed grasslands, like tundra,...
Incl. BTW: €302,50
Drip Torch Vallfirest 1 liter
Merk: vallfirest
Vallfirest 1 liter drip torch i s designed to carry out fast maneuvers with...
Incl. BTW: €177,87
Drip Torch vallfirest 5 liters
Merk: vallfirest
Lightweight drip torch features high-strength aluminum alloy tank with full-length...
Incl. BTW: €260,15
Emergency breathing apparatus Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
Vallfirest has developed a new breathing apparatus.  The VF AIR EMERGENCY...
Incl. BTW: €338,80
Emergency flares Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
Incl. BTW: €13,18
Emergency smoke Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
This thing is the time which you need when you have to clearly indicate your...
Incl. BTW: €38,72
Extinction kit in a tow Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
Tank`s capacity is 500 liters of water. Tank made of Polypropylene with a...
Fire hose SHUT-OFF "JATO"
Merk: vallfirest
The Hose-Pipe Shut-off arises from the need to streamline and facilitate the...
Incl. BTW: €118,58
Firefighter jacket Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
This short coat for forest intervention was designed exclusively by the Vallfirest...
Incl. BTW: €223,85
Firefighter mask Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
This firefighter mask protects the face from radiation burns and helps to reduce...
Incl. BTW: €70,18
Firefighter pant Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
The wide design of the trousers facilitates the freedom of movement. They`re made in...
Incl. BTW: €127,66
Firefighter troop Tool Vallfirest
Merk: vallfirest
The troop tool serves a multitude of missions, which are: · A safety...
Incl. BTW: €302,50
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