Euroscorpe 500 Scorpe

Euroscorpe 500 Scorpe
Euroscorpe 500 Scorpe
Merk: Scorpe
Model: Euroscorpe 500 Scorpe

EUROSCORPE 500 : 500 L/MIN @ 7 BAR
• Flow and reach are optimized with an internal pressure-regulating spring mechanism that is designed
on the outside of the waterway. This allows for an unrestricted flow for maximum firefighting power.
• Flow is regulated with the unique window valve which allows for easy open and closing of the nozzle
under pressures up to 40 bar.
• The nozzle is designed of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy. Protection is offered against
mechanical and chemical attacks by means of an 80µ hard anodization and a Teflon impregnation.
• Unbreakable aluminum bronze shutoff handle and aluminum pistol grip are covered with LAVACOAT
protection offering superior insulation against heat and cold, while insuring a non-slip grip even with the
use of foams.
• SantopreneTM bumper is designed with tactile marks to show stream positions for ease of selection by
look or feel.
•Shutoff handle and pistol grip are designed to be easily used with a gloved hand.
• Shutoff handle grip includes a custom ID tag to personalize each nozzle
• Available with fixed or spinning teeth
• Conform to the norm EN 15182-2


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